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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Celtic Knots Custom Wedding Band

Classic interwoven Celtic Knots were the inspiration for this handsome wedding band. The band was hand crafted in Platinum and 18kt Rose Gold, then hand engraved with two Celtic Knot designs known as the "Love Knot" and the "Tralee Knot".

The patterns in this band were created by an engraver using a technique known as "relief engraving" to remove small portions of the platinum background thereby raising the intricate Celtic Knot designs in high relief. The platinum background was then coated with a blackening material to add further contrast.

Interlocking knot-like patterns appeared as early as Late Roman Empire in 3rd century floor mosaics.

During the 7th century, Celtic artists began creating beautiful objects decorated with endless knots. It is during this period that plaitwork (woven, unbroken cord designs) evolved into broken and reconnected cords that became characteristic of true knot-work. The style gained increased appreciation during the Celtic Revival of the late 1800s and today is most commonly associated with Celtic Art.

The Love Knot design has two intertwining overhand knots that come together
representing two betrothed lovers.

The Tralee Knot pattern is two entwined hearts amidst an infinity-like symbol,
signifying endless love.

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