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I am a jewelry designer and gemologist. I love creating beautiful heirloom jewelry for clients all over the world. In this blog, I feature many of my designs and current projects as well as articles about colored gemstones, diamonds and antique jewelry. As a historian and lover of antique and estate jewelry, I am often inspired by jewels from the past.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Red Spinel - The Finished Jewel

In my last post I wrote about some of the beautiful Red Spinels for which I am currently designing jewelry. In this post I will illustrate some of lovely rings I have custom designed for this fiery red natural gemstone.

The above ring is based on my Platinum Promise design and features a 1.90 carats round brilliant cut pinkish-Red spinel and ideal cut diamonds. The ideal cut round side diamonds are a perfect match to the center red spinel. I chose all platinum for this ring since this particular spinel has a crisp, cool shade of red.

In this next ring, based on my Trellis design, I feature a traditional cushion shaped deep red Spinel, set horizontally in platinum prongs with an 18kt rose gold double band. The pinkish cast of the rose gold nicely complements the rich hue of this fire-engine like Red Spinel.

Some time ago I purchased a wonderful pair of larger trillium cut Red Spinels and decided to split the pair and use the gems in different rings. I set one in my Platinum Regal Elegance design and liked it so much that I created a rose gold version with the sister stone.

So whether you prefer the cool white of Platinum or the warmth of Rose Gold, we have it covered with both versions, featuring red spinel. The Rosy Regal Red Spinel Ring features the other trillium red spinel from the pair, set in rich 18kt rose or pink gold with just a hint of colorless diamonds set within the engraved pattern for a touch of sparkling white brilliance.

If you like simpler designs, my Red Spinel Tingle ring is a nice option, showcasing a small emerald cut Red Spinel bezel set in rose gold and accented with small diamonds. This diminutive design can be used as an engagement ring or as a right hand ring. It is the perfect choice for someone with smaller hands.

Arrest-Me-Red is an 18kt yellow gold version of my Hidden Treasures design, set with a vibrant Red Spinel that has that fast red sports car type of hue that is unmistakeable. Just don't get caught speeding down the highway with this exciting ring !

Another favorite theme of mine is Egyptian Motifs which I incorporated in my Rosy Palmette Hand Engraved Band design in 18kt rose gold and platinum. The band showcases beautifully shaped princess cut red spinels, channel set amongst a richly engraved field of Egyptian style palmettes and lotus blossoms.

If Red Spinel is one of your favorite gems, you are in good company; it's one of my favorites too !I do have many more fine red spinels in my inventory, including some lovely matched pairs of ovals and trilliums.

The rings above are available as shown, or you can have a jewel custom made to order with the gem of your choice. If you are looking for exceptional quality and value, be sure to visit my gemstone gallery and ring design portfolio for more ideas.

For more information on these gems and rings, please send me an email or call my office (603-624-8672). I am happy to discuss pricing and design options and help you create the Jewel of your dreams.


Anonymous said...

Your red spinel rings are beautiful!

I have read about sapphire and rubies being heated to improve their color. Is the color of red spinels similarly treated.

Thank you.


Jewelry Expert said...

Hi Jenn - Thanks for your question. A great feature of red spinel is that it is NOT heated. It is totally "au naturale". The rough crystals are a naturally rich red color that does not need any enhancements like what is done with ruby and sapphire.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I like my gems all natural. :)

I read somewhere that red spinel is sort of a cousin of ruby and that they are found in the same place. But I think the spinels are prettier. They seem to sparkle more and have a more crystaline color.


Jewelry Expert said...

Hi Jenn:

Red Spinel and Ruby are different gemstones chemically and physically. They are found in the same locality and therefore do have some similarities, but they are different minerals. Both are basically composed of Aluminium Oxide but Spinel also has Magnesium in it's chemical makeup.

Ruby is a variety of the species Corundum.

Corundum's base formula is Al2O3 while Spinels base forumla is MgAl2O4.

Both gemstones when pure (just their base formula) will be colorless. But when chemical impurities enter the mix, they take on various colors.

The element Chromium is what causes the beautiful red color in both ruby and red spinel.

When Corundum has iron and titanium in the mix, it will be blue and called Sapphire.

Thanks again for your questions,
Judi Anderson

Anonymous said...

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Best regards
Jeph Normic