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I am a jewelry designer and gemologist. I love creating beautiful heirloom jewelry for clients all over the world. In this blog, I feature many of my designs and current projects as well as articles about colored gemstones, diamonds and antique jewelry. As a historian and lover of antique and estate jewelry, I am often inspired by jewels from the past.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Antique Cufflinks

Last week I featured several brooches from our Antique and Estate Jewelry showcase. When custom creating a jewel I often draw inspiration from the designs and craftsmanship of jewels created in the past. While the jewels we create are modern and adapted to the client's taste, they are rooted in a timeless tradition of elegant design and fine craftsmanship.

I am always amazed by the great diversity of designs that can be found among antique jewels. This is especially true of the cufflinks created during the early decades of the last century. Below is a holiday sampling of late Victorian and Jazz Age cufflinks from our Antique Cufflink Gallery.

Carrington engraved mother-of-pearl dress set. (J8818)
Carrington & Company created some of the finest dress sets during the Art Deco era.  This pearl and mother-of-pearl set is among them.  The mother-of-pearl centers are beautifully engraved with a pattern reminiscent of exploding fireworks while the swirling scrolls of the white gold borders bring to mind a starry night.  At the center a small pearl rests in a white gold collar with a mille grain edge.  Created in 14kt gold,  circa 1925.

Link & Angell Art Nouveau swirl cufflinks. (J8600)
A tangle of voluptuous scrolls enlivens these striking cufflinks from the turn of the last century.  They feature the tight, twisting swirls favored in American Art Nouveau jewelry design.  Created by Link & Angell in 14kt gold, circa 1900.

Art Deco sapphire cufflinks. (J9093)
Elegant Art Deco cufflinks with dramatic compass rose centers set with small blue sapphires.  Jagged Greek key borders with stylized thistles inside mille grain outer edges complete the design.  Crafted in 14kt gold,  circa 1930.

Art Deco diamond cufflinks. (J9087)
Art Deco cufflinks with intricately engraved centers and dramatic geometric borders.  Small diamonds sparkle in box settings with millegrain edges.  Crafted in 14kt gold,  circa 1925.

Antique 14kt yellow gold and blue enamel Larter cufflinks. (J8980)
Elegant blue and gold cufflinks featuring an endless golden tangle of squiggles.  Surrounding the squiggles are alternating bands of blue enamel and brightly polished gold.  A nice example of the dramatic, imaginative designs of the 1930s and '40s.  Crafted in 14kt gold by Larter & Sons,  circa 1930.

Dramatic Art Deco black enamel cufflinks. (J9054)
Dramatic Art Deco cufflinks with striking black enamel borders and linearly engraved white gold centers.  A nice example of the elegant black-and-white cufflinks of the late 1920s and 1930s.  Crafted in 14kt gold,  circa 1930.

Keller blue sodalite and gold cufflinks. (J9016)
Elegant cufflinks set with beautiful rich blue gemstones that bring to mind dark night skies with a few wispy clouds illuminated in the moonlight.  Known as "sodalite,"  this gemstone, along with Lapis lazuli, was favored during Art Deco period because of its rich, regal blue color.  Created in 14kt gold,  circa 1925.

Elegant antique cufflinks crafted in yellow and white gold. (J8985)
Exuberant two-tone cufflinks from the 1920s.  The yellow gold centers feature classic garlands and swags and are surrounded by white gold borders with a bold geometric design.   Crafted in 14kt gold,  circa 1925.

These and other fine antique cufflinks can be found
in the Antique Cufflink Gallery.