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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Platinum Amethyst Stargazer Pendant

Amethyst and Demantoid Torus Ring

This is a stunning Amethyst Torus ring we bezel set with a brilliant green demantoid garnet. The amethyst was from Bolivia and custom cut by American Lapidarist Glenn Lehrer.

There is a wonderful arrangement of various hues and tones of purple, along with flashes of orangy yellow throughout this Bolivian beauty. The demantoid has a lush vibrant green hue that imparts a fantastic contrast to the rich purple amethyst.

A client of mine fell in love with this exceptional gem and hired me to custom create a pendant/necklace featuring the amethyst torus ring.

I came up with a convex shaped diamond frame crafted in platinum and then bezel set the torus ring in 18kt yellow gold for contrast. At the four corners I bezel set a smaller round diamond.

My inspiration for this design was influenced by my client's interest in stars and the heavenly bodies.

I think the Stargazer necklace captures the light of the north star and points the way for enterprising travelers.

You can learn more about this stunning pendant and see more photos of my Stargazer Pendant Design on the Jewelry website.

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jewelry lover said...

This pendant is beautiful. It is like a miniature work of sculpture.