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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Platinum Aquamarine Ring

Alluring Aquamarine

Recently a client asked us to create an engagement ring featuring an aquamarine.   We tend to get more requests for sapphires and diamonds so when he asked for a nice aquamarine to be the focal point of a custom ring, my design cog wheels started turning.  This was my opportunity to work with a gem that is not only clear and crystalline, but also a lovely shade of sea and sky like blue.

Aquamarines bring to mind the striking designs of the Art Deco of my personal favorites for jewelry inspiration.   I love the cool crisp sky blue color of aquamarine, especially when accented with white diamonds and platinum.   And I happen to have just the perfect stone in our safe; a lovely square emerald cut fine aquamarine with neatly beveled corners. After several email discussions with the client an initial image of the ring - a bold combination of square shapes enveloped in platinum.

Once I formed the basic idea for the Alluring Aquamarine Design, the next step was matching up the best size of princess cut diamonds for a symmetrical layout.
The result - a striking center Aquamarine within the center of a crisp row of brilliant white square diamonds.   A wide band with highly
polished mirror like finish formed the body of the ring, but my favorite touch was the square shaped platinum we used for the prongs.
Our platinum smith took flat edge stock and polished it to create a neat taper from the top to the base of the head.   He then polished sharp spear-head shaped points at the tips of the prongs - a dramatic detail - like an exclamation point !

Side view of Aquamarine and Diamond hand-crafted platinum ring.

Finally he formed the prongs and the head with an outward splay for flare and the final "ta-dah".   These details and extra touches are what I often refer to as the "toute fini". But many of our clients simply call these the "Jewelry Expert touch".   I am flattered to hear this and really appreciate all the complements we receive every day.   But my greatest joy is when a client tells me the story of how they presented our creation to the recipient, and of course, their excitement upon receiving an original design from the Jewelry Experts at
Bijoux Extraordinaire Ltd.

The polish, finish and symmetry in the underside of a ring is one of the things I pay close attention to...and believe me, there are many items I pay close attention to; I am a detail oriented person.   I have always believed that the hidden parts of a fine quality jewel should be finished just as nicely as the top.   A highly skilled craftsmen will pay close attention to the underside and spend as much time finishing the inside as the outside.   This is the mark of a true master jeweler.

Of course each piece I design and create must be tested for comfort and wearability. So naturally I get to road test everything I create.   What a great job I not only create beautiful jewels for our clients, but to also try them on and make sure they fit well and look great on the hand.   It's one of the highlights of my day, trying on a new jewel fresh off the jeweler's bench!  To learn more about this ring, please visit Alluring Aquamarine.

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