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Monday, June 30, 2008

Demantoid Garnet

Demantoid Garnet - 1.50 carats Cushion

This is a stunning Demantoid Garnet that has an incredible vivid green hue with subtle flashes of yellow. It also displays excellent fire and brilliance which are trademarks of finer quality Demantoid.

The finest demantoids are found in the Ural Mountains of Russia which is also the historical original source for this intense green garnet. Demantoid is also found in Namibia and Arizona.

Demantoid is a variety of the Garnet Species Andradite and always occurs in some type of green. The green hue can vary from a yellowish Green (similar to Peridot) to a strong pure green (like emerald). Stones with a lighter body color and leaning towards the yellowish Green hue may also present an array of rainbow colors known as fire. This fire is caused by high dispersion, even greater than what is seen in diamonds. Dispersion or fire is the result of white light reaching the surface of a prism (such as a cut gemstone) and being split into the many spectral hues of light seen in the visible spectrum. What we see is a rainbow effect of colors.

When examining colored gemstones, gemologists also look for clarity features (such as inclusions). Generally, the more inclusions seen in a gemstone, the lower the grade. However, with Demantoid, there is a particular type of inclusion that is much sought after and can actually increase the value of this gem. Such inclusions, known as Horsetail inclusions, are actually byssolite and chrysotile fibers (a form of asbestos crystal). These needle like inclusions can appear as curved golden threads that resemble the tail of a horse.

Gemologists like myself enjoy finding horsetail inclusions in demantoid because they are proof that the gem is natural and a demantoid. Collectors also admire the horsetail inclusions and actually prefer to purchase stones with nicely formed horsetail shaped inclusions.

I just love the rich green hue of this Demantoid as well as it's beautiful cut. This cushion cut has some extra facets at the North, South, East and West positions forming extra points that add a dynamic line to the shape.

This gem would be fabulous in a custom ring design either for a Man or a Woman. The unusual shape and strong color of this demantoid are just perfect for a unique design. The price for this rare beauty is $5,400.

If you would like to add this gorgeous demantoid to your rare gem collection, or perhaps let me create a custom jewel to feature this spectacular garnet, please send me an email.

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